Texas Longhorns Games

Nothing says Texas more than football, and the University of Texas Longhorn is ingrained in the spirit of Texas and the city of Austin. One of the premier football programs in the country, the whole city gets behind the football team every Saturday afternoon, making for home games an all day event. With 50,000+ students and an entire city backing a football team, you can imagine tailgating and the games are quite an experience.

To make the most out of a Longhorn college football game, let Party Bus Austin handle everything so all you have to worry about is the game itself. True diehard fans will be out tailgating hours before the stadium even opens, so jump into one of the party buses, and start the pre-game en route to game. So nothing beats being able to kick back some drinks once the traffic starts to build up and hangout with your friends in one spot. Even if it's not a home game, Party Bus Austin can take you to the away game as well!

Austin has been picked as one of the Best College Sports Towns in America, and it's easy to see why. The enthusiasm is everywhere, as burnt orange and white proudly displayed anywhere you look. With a long history of winning, it's a fun program to get behind as well. Since they are so popular, why try to go around and meet up with your friends, and instead bring them all with you to the game from the start?

Part of the best part of college football is the tailgate. With a Party Bus Austin party bus, you can be sure that you'll have the room to pack all the essentials-grills, food, drinks, coolers, etc. Once you get there, the hassle of parking is also not a factor, letting you take in the game experience fully. Once the game is over, it's time to either celebrate the victory or drown your sorrows, and nothing makes easier to leave a game than a party bus ride away.

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